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Naish Global 5'10''
Naish Global 5'10''

Board complete with fins and straps in good condition.
€ 475,-
Jimmy Lewis Rad F 137cm Oldskool!
The Rad-F has the Dominatrix bottom which gives you that rail to rail edge for wave riding and gets the board up and out of the water faster on a plain, but is set up with a thruster.

This allows the board to behave like an actual surfboard.

This board includes:

Deck pads
Foot straps and packing
€ 249,-
Jimmy Lewis Model3 133/39cm
The lean, mean freeride machine ! The Model 3 is the best selling twin tip kiteboard in the history of the sport. Why ? Because it is the definition of performance perfection. This clean lined freeride twin offer everything a rider needs in flatwater, chop, swell and surf. Moderate outline widths and tailblock, combined with round rails and a Dominatrix bottom shape produce a board that is smooth as silk. The Model III is available in the full...
€ 249,-
Kiteboardshop custom 119cm epoxy roze!
De boards worden ontwikkeld en getest door onszelf en onze divers teamriders, op Tarifa, Bonaire, Oostzee en op de Noordzee en wij laten ze volledig in eigen beheer produceren en daarom voor concurende prijzen.

Enkele comentaren na testen:
''Lekker comfortabel boardje!''
''Lekkere flex!''
''Super licht!''
''Geen moment duikt dit boardje met zijn neus!''
''Switched lekker en goede pop!''

- Ieder board heeft een concaaf bodem e...
€ 99,-